Sean Q. Butler CPA, CA

Sean Butler_Transparency_Reduced.jpg

Sean is a regular contributor to the Video Tax News publication, Canadian Tax Planner, as well as various webinar courses.

He recently worked as a Financial Controller for companies operating in destination resort development and renewable energy sectors. Previously, while working as an external auditor for a national CA firm, Sean gained experience in auditing large publicly listed companies as well as small entrepreneurial enterprises in various industries.

Prior to his role as an auditor, Sean worked in wealth management and lending as an advisor to clients of a large international bank in London, UK. Sean holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Economics as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of British Columbia.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys running, biking and playing the guitar and drums. Although, none of these pastimes offer as much fun and challenge as attempting to wrangle his one year old!