Learn about 2017 planning strategies and pitfalls right from the comfort of your own office. Again this year, Video Tax News is offering an ONLINE RECORDED version of "Personal Tax Update 2018."

This version is an alternative for registrants who are unable to attend the live sessions.

Registrants will have 7 days of 24 hour access to the Seminar Portal.

Individual: $454/registrant

Save $20 by registering before December 1, 2017 @ 4:30PM MST.

In the Seminar Portal, all course materials will be available for print and download. (A printed textbook will also be shipped to registrants.) Registrants will find the video footage from one of our LIVE seminars. Registrants are encouraged to stop, play, and rewind the video as required.

A PD certificate (see Fees, Discounts & Policies for details) will be immediately available for download/printing pending the successful completion of the quiz.

Also, an update video and quiz discussing changes that have occurred since the publication of the textbook will be available March 1–31, 2017


    Feb. 14–20, 2018 (registration closes Jan 29, 2018)

    Includes seminar package and online access to video


    Feb. 28–Mar. 6, 2018 (registration closes Feb 12, 2018)

    Includes seminar package and online access to video



    • Registrants will receive their seminar package by mail 2 days prior to the session start date. This package will include a textbook, highlighter, and post-its. If you do not receive it, please let us know immediately at 1.877.438.2057.
    • If you do not already have access to the Video Tax News Portal, an email will be sent one day prior to the session start date prompting registrants to set a password.
    • If you already have access to the Video Tax News Portal, you will receive an email notice when it is available in the portal.
    • The seminar will be active on the portal for the duration of your session.
    • In the portal, you will have access to the electronic materials (textbook, handouts, etc) and the videos. The video can be stopped and started as many times as needed between the session dates.
    • Once the video has been viewed, participants who receive 70% or higher on the online quiz will be able to print or download their PD certificate.
    • March 1–31, 2018 an update video and quiz will be available. Successful completion of the quiz (70% or higher) will result in a PD certificate.


    • This recorded video of a live seminar is intended for registrants that do not reside in a city that hosts a live seminar.
    • The videos will be available using Vimeo. To test, please click this link and play any video to ensure you will be able to view the seminar. A consistent and reliable internet connection is required.
    • 7 day extension is permitted for a fee of $99/registrant pending written notice is received prior to the last day of the session. No additional extensions are permitted. Click here for the full list of Fees/Policies.
    • Please honour the copyright. Each person viewing the seminar must have their own registration.  At their discretion, with a view towards loss of revenue and/or reputation, Video Tax News Inc. reserves the right to impose penalties ranging from the cancellation of any and all products and services, current or future, without notice and without refund, to the legal prosecution to the full extent of the law, should any instance of copyright infringement occur. View our full copyright details here.  
    “The ability to do this course online, especially to do it in small segments, is much more efficient than in the past having to drive 2.5 hours and take a complete day off from my practice.”
    — Personal Tax Update 2017 - Online Participant
    “As always, a very good refresher. All instructors are very well prepared and knowledgeable.”
    — Personaltax Update 2017 - Online Participant