Individual: $384/registrant
Groups (4-9): $364/registrant
Groups (10+): $354/registrant

Individual: $464/registrant

Save $20 by registering before December 7, 2018 @ 4:30PM MST.

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Add $25 for registrations received within 5 days of the seminar.
Add $125 for day-of registration pending availability.

*Please note: This is a recorded video version of a live seminar and is intended for registrants that do not reside in a city that hosts a live seminar. If you are able to attend live, we highly recommend that.

Registration Includes

  • An intense day of practical tax updates, planning opportunities and other insights presented by Canadian tax specialists

  • Over 400 pages of detailed notes provided in both print and electronic versions

  • The electronic version of the text includes links to source documents including Technical Interpretations, court cases, articles, etc. Registrants can highlight and make searchable notes for future action. This is a very efficient and effective tool.

  • Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

  • Electronic Audience Response System - a voluntary and anonymous voting tool that will provide immediate feedback on trends (live course only)

  • Update video plus quiz discussing changes that have occurred since the publication of the textbook (available March 1-31, 2019)

  • PD certificate for up to 7.0 hours (see below for details)

  • Light lunch (live course only)


EMAIL ADDRESSES – Unique email addresses are required for each registrant. If the attendee does not have an email address, you may use a “placeholder” email. Please note that if “placeholder” email addresses are used they will not receive any email communication. They will also need to see the registrar at the seminar for access to the portal.

NAME CHANGES – Name changes may be made at any time at no charge. Written notice is required by email to

TRANSFERS BETWEEN PERSONAL TAX UPDATE EVENTS – Seminar Transfer requests must be received in writing to Pending availability, transfers received more than 7 days prior to the earlier seminar will be subject to a $65 fee. No transfers will be processed within 7 days of the earlier seminar. Please note fees are subject to tax. Registration rate differences may apply.

CANCELLATION – (From an individual registrations, 1–3 registrants) — Notice of cancellations must be sent in writing to Cancellations received more than 7 days prior will be subject to a $85 fee. No refunds for cancellations received within 7 days of the seminar. Fees are subject to applicable tax. Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment.

CANCELLATION – (From a group registrations, 4 or more registrants) — No cancellations. Name changes only.

LATE FEE – If registration is received less than 5 business days before a seminar, a $25 fee applies. Registration on the day of will be processed if space is available for a fee of $125. Cheques will not be accepted within 5 business days before a seminar.

NO SHOW – Unfortunately, there is no refund for registrants that do not attend the seminar for which they are registered including reasons such as inclement weather, scheduling conflicts or missing system requirements. If you miss the seminar and still would like the material, we would be happy to ship them to you. Send us an email within 5 business days of the seminar and we will ship the material as soon as possible. Shipping charges apply.

CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION – Registrations are confirmed once the registrant receives a confirmation email from Video Tax News. (If you are missing it, please call 1.877.438.2057.) Please note that all registrations are processed on a “first come, first served” basis and only once both the payment and registration are received. Seats are not “held” when a registration without payment is received. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

DAY OF – Registrants are required to visibly display their Access Pass for admittance to all seminar sessions and lunch.

PD CERTIFICATES – Live Registrants: Once seminar participation has been verified a 6.5 hour PD certificate will be available on the Registrant Webpage. ID may be required at course. Online Registrants: Once the course is viewed, registrants will be required to complete a short quiz. Results of 70% or higher will result in a 6.5 hour certificate immediately available for print or download. All Registrants: From March 1 to 31 an update video and short quiz (about the update video) will be provided to all registrants. Results of 70% or higher will result in a 0.5 hour PD certificate.

ONLINE COURSE – This recording of a live seminar is intended for registrants that do not reside in a city that hosts a live seminar. If you are able to attend live, we highly recommend that. We use Vimeo as the video sharing platform. Please click here ( to test viewing videos. A stable broadband internet connection is required. 7 day extension is permitted for a fee of $99/registrant if written notice is received prior to the last day of the session. No additional extensions are permitted. Registration for the online course must be received by the registration deadline to allow for shipping time. The video and material cannot be shared in any way. Cancellation or transfer requests must be received by the registration close date. (fees apply).

LIGHT LUNCH – Live seminars only. Meals are generally served buffet style.

ALLERGY ALERT – Live seminars only. A special meal can be ordered upon request. A minimum of 5 business days prior written notice is required. There is a $40 charge for “day of” meal changes or for unclaimed meals. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the food has not been in contact with your sensitivity.

SPECIAL NEEDS – Please advise us 10 business days prior to your seminar date of any special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate. Written notice is appreciated.

INSTRUCTORS– Video Tax News reserves the right to substitute instructors as a result of extenuating circumstances.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Seminars are intended for accounting and financial professionals and are not open to the general public. Prices are subject to change without notice. Video Tax News reserves the right to cancel a seminar. Full refunds for impacted registrants will be processed if that decision is made.

GROUP REGISTRATIONS (4 or more) – To be eligible for the Group Discounts, there must be only ONE Registration Form, one cheque or VISA/MasterCard payment, one mailing address, one seminar location, no additions, no cancellations. No exceptions. Group Discounts expire 21 days prior to the seminar start date. If you believe your group will be 10 or more, please let us know by fax or phone as soon as possible.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – To be eligible for the Early Bird Discounts, registrations and full payment must be received by December 7, 2018.

DISCOUNT/PROMOTIONS/FEES – Discounts must be applied at the time of registration and are not retroactive. If a registrant is not eligible for an applied discount, the balance owing must be paid to confirm registration.

ORGANIZER BONUS – With a group of 30 or more, the organizer’s registration (the 31st group member) is FREE. Contact us toll free at 1-877-438-2057 for more information.

Each registrant must acknowledge the following statements:

I understand that the course material deals with complex matters and may not apply to particular facts and circumstances. As well, the course material and references contained therein reflect proposals and administrative comments. For these reasons, the course material, as well as conversations before, during, and after the seminar should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized professional advice in connection with any particular matter. Neither Video Tax News Inc. nor any of the person involved in the preparation of the material accepts any legal responsibility for its contents or for any consequences arising from its use. The material is time and case sensitive and is intended for educational purposes only.

I understand that the course materials are copyrighted and are for paid registrant use only and may not be shared in any way in whole or in part with those who have not registered, unless through written permission of Video Tax News Inc. This material is, as is all material produced by Video Tax News Inc., protected in Canada as well as internationally, under copyright law.

I understand that any misuse of the material will be subject to consequences deemed appropriate by Video Tax News Inc. as to the cancellation of services


ONLINE SEMINAR REGISTRANTS: I understand that the online recorded seminar it is for paid registrants only, is available for 1 week and is intended for personal computers. I have all the system requirements needed.



“Always great information, materials are comprehensive, and examples highlighted are
relevant. Presenters do a great job”
— Personal Tax Update 2018 - Edmonton