LIFE IN THE TAX LANE- April 2016 (Episode 11)

Sources (linked)

  1. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
    2. RESP Bulletin No. 1R1
    3. January 27, 2016 Technical Interpretation (2015-0583031I7, Podor, K.)
  2. Independent Contractor vs. Employee – Trucker
    1. Tax Court of Canada case (Big Bird Trucking Inc. vs. H.M.Q., 2015-1041(EI), 2015-1051(CPP))
  3. Gross Negligence – Reliance On a Bookkeeper
    1. Tax Court of Canada case (Raymond et al. vs. H.M.Q., 2015-146(IT)I, 2015-1106(IT)I, 2015-158(GST)I)
  4. Employee Travel Expenses – Long Commutes
    1. October 30, 2015 Technical Interpretation (2015-0599631E5, Ryer, A.)
  5. Insurable Earnings – Related Employee
    1. Tax Court of Canada case (Lalande vs. H.M.Q., 2015-207(EI))

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