LIFE IN THE TAX LANE- March 2016 (Episode 10)

Sources (linked)

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  3. U.S. High Net Worth Purchases- Source 1 and Source 2
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  6. Political Activities Review – Over
  7. Stock Options – Changes Coming? Source 1 and Source 2
  8. CRA Collection Policies- Information Circular 98-1R5, Tax Collection Policies
  9. Form T1135 – Jointly Held Property- February 3, 2015 Technical Interpretation (2015-0610641C6, Agarwal, Lata)
  10. Contest- Enter to win a “Tax Ninja” T-shirt.  Tweet your idea of what it takes to be a Tax Ninja and include #lifeinthetaxlane. Draw will be held 3/17/2016