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Our clients love what they do! Do you get satisfaction in advising and supporting your Canadian owner/managed businesses and high-net worth clients to make educated and profitable decisions so they can live a high quality and full life with their families?

The Video Tax News team has been supplying practical tax information to accountants, lawyers, and tax professionals for over 30 years. Our Canadian-based company provides tax newsletters in various forms such as written, audio and video. Yearly, we present live and video seminars to thousands of tax professionals across Canada relating to both personal and corporate tax.

Cut through the overwhelming sources of information. Count on us to provide information that is practical and concise with links to source documentation.


To support the wellbeing of the Canadian community by improving the understanding and responsible usage of the Canadian Tax Code in the face of an ever-changing environment. 


To provide practical, effective tax information in an engaging and efficient manner for Canadian tax professionals.

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