In early 2016, CRA released its 2014-2015 Annual Report to Parliament. The Report includes the following selected statistics and comments:

  • 305,667 individual returns were reviewed. 28.8 million returns were filed for the 2014 year. (Approximately 1% of returns were reviewed.)
  • $469 billion in taxes and duties were processed, $255 billion was collected through source deductions.
  • $1 billion in additional taxes were assessed by verifying claims for errors.
  • 6,392 responses were made to online business enquiries.
  • The ratio of average dollar value assessed for targeted vs. random reviews is 2.54:1.
  • 76% of risk-assessed audit activities resulted in detection of non-compliance by individuals and corporations.
  • Over 585,361 payroll accounts were reviewed and 744 employer compliance audits were completed.
  • CRA received 2,628 CPP/EI disputes and resolved 2,576.
  • 95.9% of taxpayer service complaints were resolved within 30 business days.

For further information see VTN Monthly Tax Update Seminar, Issue No. 417