Canadian Tax Planner - Is It Really Tax-Free Income? (September 2017)


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There is the common adage that nothing in life is free.  Well, does that extend to tax? Is nothing in life tax-free? The simple, and well-received answer is no. There is a surprising variety of income and benefits an individual can receive that are not subject to tax in Canada.  

In some cases, there are specific rules in the Income Tax Act which exempts income from certain sources. In other cases, amounts received simply may not fall within the provisions of the Act, and are therefore not subject to tax.  Regardless of how one cuts it, understanding when one can avoid a large tax bill, legally and legitimately, can be very valuable. 

In this issue of Canadian Tax Planner, we will discuss some of the more well-known, and a few not so well-known sources of income that can be received tax-free by an individual. 

More specifically, we will discuss:

  • PART 1: Good Luck – Lottery, Prizes, Gifts and Windfalls
  • PART 2: Employment Related Payments and Benefits
  • PART 3: Insurance and Other Types of Compensation Payments
  • PART 4: Government, Familial and Other Payments

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