Starting a Business? The Canada Business Network provides a number of tools, checklists and services to help.


The Canada Business Network, a Government organization which strives to promote entrepreneurship, provides a number of services to assist businesses during the typical life cycle, from planningstarting and financingmanaging, to growing and eventually transitioning or selling one’s business.

Some particularly interesting tools and resources found on their website include:

  • search feature to find programs which help finance businesses in the form of grants, wage subsidies, loans, investment capital, and other support. Additional commentary and resources on types of financing

  • Checklists to assist with starting a business in certain industries (such as child care, cleaning, event and conference planning, operating a food truck, landscaping and snow removal, mobile pet care, personal care services, senior care, specialty trade contractor, and store retailer).

  • permit search to determine required permits for starting, operating or expanding one’s business.

  • Sample business templates, tips and considerations.

  • Market research and statistics, including information on labour and employment data, demographics, the Canadian economy, international markets, and the environment.

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