Family member die without a Will? CRA now has a form for surviving a family member to complete such that they are recognized by CRA as person who will manage affairs of the deceased.


On July 4, 2017, CRA released a series of provincial forms entitled Affidavit for intestate situation (Forms RC549 to RC561, with no form for Quebec, and no RC554). These forms are to be completed by family members that are looking to be recognized by CRA as the person or persons who will manage the tax affairs of the person who died without a last will and testament. The form lists the priority order for those that may apply to be the representative. If another person ranks higher than the applicant, consent and a signature must be obtained and included in Part 3. The priority order is generally:

  1. Spouse or common-law partner
  2. Adult children
  3. Parents
  4. Siblings
  5. Grandparents

If direct signatures from each of the persons listed in Part 3 cannot be obtained, a letter of consent may be used in its place. A blank letter of consent is included in the form. CRA aims to process the application within 4 weeks.

For further information see Video Tax News Monthly Tax Update Newsletter, Issue No. 432