Representatives can access a summarized list of their personal tax clients NoA and NoRA.

Authorized representatives can access a summarized list of Notices of Assessment (NoA) and Notices of Reassessment (NoRA) that have been issued to their clients as a result of a personal tax return being filed or amended. 

  • “NOA issued – No change” reflects an initial assessment for a return assessed with taxes payable or a refund as filed;
  • “NOA issued – Changed” reflects an initial assessment with tax different from the return filed;
  • “NOR issued – Client or representative request” reflects an adjustment made pursuant to a client or representative request; or
  • “other NOR issued” reflects an adjustment initiated by CRA.

Notices that were assessed before February 13, 2017, or before the authorization effective date, will not appear on the list.

For further information see Video Tax News Monthly Tax Update Newsletter, Issue No. 431