Proposed changes to private corporation taxation in Canada - July 18,2017

Proposed changes to private corporation taxation in Canada:

1) Dividends and other amounts received from a business, by an adult family member of the principal of the business, may be subject to a reasonableness test, which will be stricter for 18-24 year olds. Reasonableness will be based on the contributions made by the family member to the business. Top tax rates would apply.

2) Measures are also proposed to address other income sprinkling issues, including the multiplication of claims to the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption. No LCGE in respect of capital gains from a disposition after 2017 (subject to the transitional rules) for minors, for gains while the corporation was held by a trust, and where income relating to the gain period was caught by point 1) .

3) Several proposes issued to discourage passive investments in corporations. This includes a new "elective" taxation method.

4) An expansion of Section 84.1 to reduce the ability to strip value out of corporations as capital gains rather than dividends.

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