Curious about CRA thoughts on employment benefits? Watch CRA's various Payroll Podcasts.

CRA has released a number of Payroll Podcasts which deal with common payroll concerns

Episode 1 – Introduction to taxable benefits – This podcast reminds employers to reflect benefits at fair market value (not the cost to the employer). Various examples of benefits are provided, such as when parking would and would not be a taxable benefit. CRA Guide T4130 is also referenced.

Episode 2 – Automobile and motor vehicle benefits – This podcast reminds taxpayers that travel between home and a regular place of employment is personal, while travel from home to a point of call is employment. It also discussed the benefits associated with employer-provided vehicles.

Episode 3 – Parking as a taxable benefit – This podcast discussed a number of concepts such as when parking is required for business, the fair market value of a parking spot, and scramble parking.

Episode 4 - Gifts and Awards - This podcast discussed CRA's Gifts and Awards policy, noting the definition of gifts, awards and rewards, and differentiating cash/near-cash and non-cash gifts and awards.

For further information see Video Tax News Monthly Tax Update Newsletter, Issue No. 427