Three Years of Private Business Tax Changes - Bringing It Together and Forward

2-hour | Online | Legal Edition

How will the major tax changes over the past three years affect the work that corporate lawyers and accountants do for private corporations, partnerships, trusts, and owner-managed businesses?

This 2-hour pre-recorded webinar takes a macro-view of the significant tax changes for owner-managed businesses, including:

  • limitations to income splitting;
  • passive income taxation; and
  • small business deduction restrictions when sales are made between corporations or partnerships where there is common ownership

We will review the basic concepts of the tax changes, examine the interplay of the changes, and consider the expected impact on current and future corporate structures and trends. We will identify risk areas, opportunities, and expected areas in which legal support will be needed to a greater extent.

The goal is to prepare the viewer for:

  • questions and directions that will come from accountants, businesses and tax advisors;
  • highlight areas of tax law that will become more relevant and applicable; and
  • provide practical suggestions for addressing the trends.